Every now and then, as every freshman psych student finds out in Psych 101, researchers spend lots of money to reach a conclusion that makes you go, “No, duh.” Nevertheless, they’re still important to conduct because every now and then, you’ll reach an unexpected conclusion. Or they’ll be about sex, and everyone likes to learn about sex.

This time, researchers collaborating between Germany, England, and Florida have found out that men are interested in casual sex no matter the attractiveness of the female asking them out. No more surprisingly, women are much more apt to judge the attractiveness of the person approaching them and are less willing to accept a sexual invitation should their suitor be unattractive.

The experiment was conducted via a questionnaire at three different colleges where the subjects were told to “vividly imagine” a slightly unattractive, slightly attractive, or very attractive person approaching them and asking them to “go out on a date” “come back to my place” and “to sleep with me.” The full results are below, but essentially men were willing to accept any of the three requests no matter the attractiveness of the person approaching them. Sixty-five percent of the men were willing to sleep with even the slightly unattractive female.

Women, on the other hand, were not as forgiving. Only half the women accepted the invitation to even “go out” with the slightly unattractive guy. Heaven forbid he ask to her to come back to his apartment or to go to bed with him”"women accepted these invitations only 13 and 5 percent respectively.

Perhaps most tellingly, yet least surprisingly are the differences in responses between the males and females. Men wanted to get laid. Depending on the attractiveness of the female approaching them, men agreed to sleep with them between 65 and 83 percent of the time. Women, however, were only willing to sleep with the men who asked them out between 5 and 24 percent of the time.

Scientifically, this supports other observations that men tend to be much more sexual and really want to get laid while females tend to look for “good genes” in their potential sexual partners. But what does this mean for your every day life?

For the guys, look at yourself in the mirror because you’re probably not as attractive as you think you are, and the girls probably won’t even want to date you if you’re moderately attractive. Harsh, I know, but I didn’t make the rules. Girls “" and I realize I’m running a fine line giving you advice as a male “" do you think you could cut us a small break from time to time? Sometimes all we need is a bit of sex. Do you have to judge us so harshly?

Even if we knew what the results of this experiment would have been before it was ever conducted, it’s always interesting to be able to put numbers on every day life, even if it means that all men are skanks and all women are out to make us feel like crap.


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  1. Michael

    “women are much more apt to judge the attractiveness of the person approaching them”

    There wouldn’t be any sex if this were true.

    Except for drinking from the furry cup perhaps.


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