It is only the fourth month of 2009, but the boys of Wild Light have been having quite an exciting year. Their first full-length, “Adult Nights ,” came out March 3, but in that time they have wrapped up their first national tour, rocked out at SXSW and have landed the coveted position of direct openers for The Killers on a 10-day stint across the country.

“Adult Nights” has received glowing reviews from everyone from SPIN to Rolling Stone and Billboard, but Wild Light co-frontman Timothy Kyle says there are some things that people haven’t talked about when it comes to the record.

Blast caught up with Kyle in a phone interview while he was getting ready to head in to Boston for tonight’s show to talk about the album, touring and what lies ahead for Wild Light.

“There’s some metaphysics in there. We speak in a vocabulary that comes from where we’re from. [New Hampshire] is definitely present, just in the language of the record.” Kyle said and expanded on the hardships that birthed the album.

“The songs were written over [years] before pre-production of the record. It was a time of real struggle for all of the band,” Kyle said. “[The record is about] putting yourself in the position to be extremely disappointed just going through that process really, I think that everyone goes through growing up. I think the record comes out of that. It’s about that kind of struggle.”

The struggles didn’t end for Wild Light when they finished writing the record. Their national tour was full of bumps and bruises, but at least the rumors they had cholera were false.

Apparently Kyle was responding to a college radio interviewer in Oregon Trail style about the tour when he brought up the disease, but no fatal illnesses were actually caught and no one sustained any snakebites.

“A lot of terrible things happened but nothing like that. We got robbed in Dallas. Our van broke down a couple times. What else? We had three 24 hour-plus drives. There were literally three blizzards.” Kyle said.

Despite problems along the way, Kyle said that the Tapes ‘N Tapes tour really prepared the band for what is coming next – opening for Las Vegas rockers The Killers.

Wild Light scored the gig via manager Mark Kates who pulled some strings with “old friends” in The Killers camp.

“Even he didn’t think there was a shot in hell that it would happen. It’s one of the most sought after opening slots around,” Kyle commented. “When we first got it I didn’t even really believe it. I was like “oh that’s great we’ll probably be the first of three and play a 20 minute set at 7:30 when no one is there.”

Instead, Wild Light will be a direct opener for the arena tour. They have a 45-minute set each night right before The Killers take the stage. The boys don’t really have a game plan for the tour but just to take it as it comes.

“We’ll just do our set. We’re just perfectly prepared for it,” said Kyle. “What we’ll just try to do is take advantage of the opportunity to be seen by between 10 and 15 thousand people a night and just try to rock it.”

You can catch Wild Light at Great Scott in Boston w/ Faces on Film and Arletta on April 8, 2009. Check out for more information.

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