Before writing this article, I had never heard of Space Jesus. I just finished listening to his new four-song EP/album Atom and Eve. I won’t go as far as to say this is the hottest release right now, but as a person who enjoys EDM subgenres such as trip hop and future trap, I can appreciate the styles this new artist brings to the table. In a world where trap can get old really fast, it’s nice to hear some refreshing futuristic takes on the genre – in this sense, Space Jesus really performs in addition to blending his music with other EDM styles.  Before I played the album, I listened to a few of Space Jesus’s other posts on soundcloud. A song that stuck out to me was “Meet the Alien”, an extremely trippy bass music piece that really caught my attention.

The first song on Atom and Eve, “HMU”, is a decent start to the EP. I found the song to be a bit basic, as if it lacked something. I enjoyed the vocal sampling and found the breakdown to the song to be mesmerizing. I listen to a lot of Tipper (check out his soundcloud), and the second song “Nice Ass Yeans” reminded me a lot of Tipper’s music. “Trillionaire Club” is cool as well, definitely make sure you have bassy speakers for this one. Finally there’s the song “Mom’s Spaghetti” (homage to a joke sprung off of Eminem lyrics). I would recommend playing this album after coming back from a show or event and you want to show some cool, experimental music to your EDM friends.

In my opinion, fans of Atom and Eve should absolutley check out Mr Carmack. This guy puts out some of the most creative and trippy trap/future sounds I’ve heard in awhile. Go to his soundcloud.

Anyways, here are a few of the tracks off the upcoming EP Atom and Eve, all with a free download.

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    No, I mean he really don2#&e8s17;t like The Darkness. It’s my standard comment whenever someone mentions them in a diary. Witness Soupy’s similar entry.And there will be no more James gigs! They split in 2002.


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