While gamers everywhere have loudly cried and received price cuts for the two brutes of the console wars, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 citing falling manufacturing rates, seldom is the Wii looked at with the same critical lens.

Microsoft has hacked and slashed the prices of various models of the Xbox 360 throughout the years and Sony has since lowered the original lofty price tag of its behemoth of a machine at least for now to the still hefty price point of $4X100, but the Wii has steadfastly remained at $250 a pop.

According to Kotaku.com citing Credit Suisse analyst Koya Tabata, the manufacturing costs for the shiny white console have plummeted 45% since 2006 meaning Nintendo is earning in 2009 nearly double what it was per Wii sold in 2006.

Nintendo, in its infinite business wisdom clearly created an intelligent way to ride out the storm and possibly announce a price cut when the weather clears up.

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