The 2009 Major League Gaming Pro Circuit kicks off tonight at the Meadowlands in New Jersey highlighted by epic Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 tournaments complete with skills you didn’t even know were possible.

MLG gamers are the epitome of greatness of gaming, they eat, sleep, and drink their craft, and with $100,000 at stake, the effort absolutely is worth the extreme lengths they go to.

On the more established side of things, the Halo 3 tournament features 224 teams, a losers bracket, gametypes ranging from the mundane Team Slayer to the crazed, drama filled Team Oddball, and glory for the winning squad.‚  Defending champions Str8 Rippin, led by team captain Tom Taylor, better known as TSquared are favorites coming in.

The more bloodthirsty Gears of War tournament is lighter on total participation but makes up for it with brutal, demeaning executions.‚  The tournament will not use the patch Epic Games released recently in accordance with the lack of time necessary to play-test each gametype and for teams to modify their strategy accordingly.

Can’t make it out to Jersey to catch the tournament?‚  No problem, MLG has provided the faithful with live streaming access to the kick off weekend.‚  Choose between either event, Halo 3, or Gears of War 2, and enjoy the free gaming goodness you’ll never be a part of.

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