Activision and Infinity Ward capped off a wild day with this trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 last night at the Game Developers Conference.

Prior to yesterday speculation has dictated Modern Warfare 2, but now via a cryptic, ominous trailer, the first details of the hotly hyped shooter have filtered out leaving fans everywhere with a million and one questions.

The trailer begins with the fluorescent green Infinity Ward logo followed by a similarly green sound waveform with airport chatter filling the waves.‚  Shortly thereafter silhouettes of passerby’s begin to appear as the camera makes its way to an elevator.‚  Three men enter the elevator and as the door closes, the sounds of unzipping duffle bags and the assembling of weapons fill the room amidst foreign dialogue until the elevator dial reaches level 2. ‚ ‚ At this point the door opens; more silhouettes appear and in an instant all hell breaks loose as gunfire and bloodcurdling screams of men and women fill the room. ‚ ‚ The trailer then cycles through many environments spanning from a naval ship to urban areas with helicopters raining fire down in a total warzone.

Finally, the trailer finishes with the “Modern Warfare 2” logo over the whispers of a foreign dialect and what we’ve all been waiting for, a release date.‚  11/10/09. ‚ November 10th 2009.

No actual gameplay footage was demonstrated in the trailer, but man oh man am I excited for this game.

Head on over to the Modern Warfare 2 official site for the full trailer.

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