Tap Tap Revenge, the hit music rhythm game for iPhone and iPod Touch was downloaded more than any other free game app in all of 2008.‚  With a deep soundtrack, addictive game-play, and beautiful graphics, it provided gamers a quick and fun option for those dull moments at your sisters recital or in the middle of Calculus class.

Tapulous, developer of the Tap Tap series has taken their game one level higher with Monday’s release of Tap Tap Revenge 2.‚  Sporting an entirely new game engine that allows for astounding new graphics and trippy effects, as well as rich new features, a deep collection of over 150 songs, and three new ways to play with your friends, Revenge 2 remains the free app to beat.

Every genre of music is included in Revenge 2, from eletronica to rock and everything in between, gamers of all musical tastes can find something they love.‚  Tapulous keeps it fresh with weekly additions to the already robust library of tracks through downloadable content.‚  The main appeal for me with the original was the slew of titles that not only did I recognize, but I actually said to myself “now this will make a great Tap Tap song.”

Where the original also succeeded so well was on the multiplayer front and Revenge 2 builds on that solid foundation with three additional multiplayer modes.‚  “Challenge” lets you email your high score to friends and grant them the challenge to beat your score.‚  Local split screen multiplayer, the main draw for many Tap Tap fans is greatly improved in Revenge 2 with an all new look, progress meter, and catch-up ball.‚  Finally, online play, which was present in the original now features immense improvements to core functionality, however details on what exactly that means were vague.

And if you thought the original was too easy, even on Extreme, Revenge 2 will kick your butt, sweep you out the door, and move on without a care in the world.‚  Extreme difficulty in this new iteration is just that, extreme, in every facet of the word.‚  Not only are note lines more difficult to actually nail, the new “tap and hold,” and “multi-tap” features combined with directional shaking prove very difficult to master.‚  And on the other end of the spectrum, a new “kids” mode has been added, that Tapulous promises, “is accessible to 2 year-olds.”

Tap Tap Revenge 2 looks to be everything it should be, built on the base elements of the original with dynamically improved graphics and functionality, and a number of new and alluring tracks makes this sequel an absolute must have for any iPhone/iPod Touch user.

Tap Tap Revenge 2 is available today on the iPhone and iPod Touch for zero dollars and zero cents ($0.00) via the App Store

For more information check out the Tap Tap Revenge 2 official site.

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