On Tuesday night, the Orlando Magic bombed an NBA-record 23 three-pointers during a rout of the Sacramento Kings. Could someone please get a hand in their face? Please?

The Toronto Raptors set the previous league record in 2005 with 21.

End-of-the-bench small forward Jeremy Richardson nailed the final dagger with 20 seconds left as the Magic throttled the Kings (didn’t they use to be good?) 139-107. Jameer Nelson hit on all five of his three-pointers to finish with 23 points, J.J. Redick hit 4-of-6 for 15, and Rashard Lewis (19 points), Hedo Turkoglu (17 points) and Keith Bogans (12 points) nailed three each from behind the line.

Overall, the Magic went 23-of-37 from beyond the arc, which is just stupid.

At one point, the Kings had six men on the floor (most experts agree that the NBA limit is five).

“They can’t play six against us,” Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy yelled at the referees. You can’t blame the Kings for trying though. Clearly, five wasn’t enough.

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