I just witnessed an awfully peculiar post-game interview with Giants WR Domenik Hixon. Hixon was asked whether or not he had spoken to Plaxico Burress recently and he said he had and that he went to a Knicks game with him. I know the Knicks were in town Saturday night against the Warriors because I was supposed to go to the game.

He also says that he was with Burress Friday night at Applebee’s. The interviewer, Andy Adler, was clearly caught off guard by this information. Was Hixon with Burress at the club? There are rumors that there was a third Giant (possibly Derrick Ward) present at the club with Burress, but it’s not known who it was. Interesting.

As to the first part of this posting, Burress has not returned phone calls from several members of Giants management since the shooting. Is he socializing with Hixon and other friends while ignoring the people that just gave him a ton of money and have been putting up with his crap for this long?

Could be nothing, but it’s our job to stir the pot. Here is the interview as transcribed by moi off my DVR:

Andy Adler of Fox 5 NY: “It has been a seamless transition, now have you spoken with Plaxico Burress? Have you conversed with him at all?”

Domenik Hixon: “Yeah, uh…”

AA: “..In the last couple days?”

Hixon: “We went to the Knicks game and everything.”

AA: “I’m not talking about the last couple weeks, I’m talking about the last couple days.”

Hixon: “Ummm, uhhh, Yeah, I did ummm…Friday night we were at Applebee’s eatin’ hanging out.”

AA (clearly surprised): “Oh so you were there? You were there on Friday night when he accidentally shot himself in the leg?”

Hixon: “I’ll say I was at Applebee’s with him.”

AA: “You guys haven’t spoken since?”

Hixon: “No.”

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