Are you in a band? Do you want to succeed in the business world? Did you ever wonder what brings success? If you answered yes to any of these questions, let Dayna Steele give you the answers.

The 90’s radio personality better known as the First Lady of Radio, worked with iconic bands, married an astronaut, founded a business and mothered three sons aside from promoting her books. As she explains, her life has been “everything but boring.” In trying to show people that their lives can be as interesting too she wrote Rock to the Top and shares life and business lessons rock stars turned entrepreneurs use.

“I love adventure my whole life has been an adventure, every day I wake up and think oh my God I am so lucky. Even going through a hurricane I still thought I was lucky because I didn’t loose much. I always tell people I work really hard to make this life this good. If you want a great life no one will get it for you, if you want to be a success in anything its up to you,” Steele said to Blast.

In reference to the hurricane, the lady of radio experienced hurricane Ike since she lives in Houston, TX. In fact, a week after the hurricane hit, our scheduled interview was in the middle of her home reparations.

“I don’t want to say that Katrina was not important because of course it was, but we were hit as hard and did not receive the attention. Mainly because when FEMA finally got here one guy said, “ËœI’ve never seen such incredible destruction over such a wide path but I’ve also never seen such work ethic and neighborly concern to one another.’ I said, “Ëœwelcome to Texas,'” Steele recalled.

Whether it came from her Texan background or her father’s mentorship Steele has continuously been a “go-getter.” Raised with the teachings that every job is worth giving it 100 percent effort, Steele knew she loved music; and although when auditioning to be a DJ she did it to impress a guy, she felt that a radio career could be a shoe-in. So she dedicated herself to making it big.

After getting the radio job she didn’t land a date with the guy, but she did get people’s attention. Her midday show with Houston’s radio powerhouse KLOL grew in popularity because of her friendly manner and ability to relate to listeners (nicknamed Steeleworkers) or bands like the Rolling Stones. Over her tenure in radio she was nominated as Local Radio Personality of the Year by Billboard Magazine and included in Talkers Magazine’s 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Host. Being VIP at shows, getting platinum records as gifts and living backstage life were her everyday happenings.

“If people only knew the tings that went on backstage they’d be impressed, everyone thinks its sex drugs and rock and roll and if it had been we’d all be dead! After a very successful career I felt I could try other fields so I left radio and started being a business woman, a successful business woman,” she adds.

Hanging with band members, who knew fame could be temporary, taught Steele valuable lessons she shares in writing. Her book is divided into easy-to-understand chapters targeting specific areas. First chapter being dedicated to passion because, “if you truly have a passion for something you will keep trying no mater what.” Following chapters target confidence, organization skills and even a section about health and business leading titled, “We Can’t All be Keith Richards.”

The book contains anecdotes of her years in the music world with morals that are identifiable. Without the bore of typical business books Steele’s style is casual and poignant so that readers feel as if she’s talking to them one-on-one. Her advice aims to prove that businesses can be successful in any field, not just the typical banking or investing routes.

“After leaving radio I started making professional speeches but they were boring and I always had a question about rock at the end. This was what people wanted to listen, the rock stories. So, I used my stories to talk about business and wrote the book in the same way. Overall reaction has been amazing, but from business people being that they were motivated to do something else they always wanted to do. That is the best response ever,” the author admits.

Her various roles in life have shown the lighthearted woman that giving can also be rewarding. The mother of three said that she knew she wanted to have kids, “I just never knew how much I would like them.” In setting a good example for them she has dedicated time to promote national pride and teach her children to be good doers.

She launched Operation National Anthem with the idea that soldiers in service record a simple request to be played at events, large or small, around the United States before the national anthem is played. The soldiers remind people to be respectful and quiet during our anthem’s run. Like with her other projects, the videos Steele created are being played across the United States now.

“My boys are 9, 12 and 20. They have chores, we expect straight A’s and they get punishments. I try to tell them to look at the world and see how good they have it. Anything we have its worth fighting and working for and its to do it for the passion not the money,” Steele said.

If your interests are as broad as this Texan’s and you need a little guidance, Rock to the Top is a valuable read. Aside from getting tips you will be entertained and amazed with the personal stories of a woman who is everything, but boring.

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