Next-gen first person shooter fans are in for a treat this holiday season. Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 are quickly on the way, ‚ and your urge to kill locust or chimera will be swiftly re-birthed. However, for those of us with two next gen consoles on a tight budget, your choice might not be as clear yet.

GoW2 really hits multiplayer hard, which it should, given Xbox Live’s expansive online community, and the success of the original Gears online play. It would be crazy not to build upon that. Three new multiplayer modes: wingman, guardian and submission have been added to the original four.‚ 

Wingman pairs up two people to face off against four other groups of two people in a death match. Submission is like a darker capture the flag which pits two teams of five with the task of killing an AI regulated character, and then carry their dead carcass back to their home base. Guardian is exactly like Assassination, but with a twist: ‚ it allows the players to keep fighting after their leader has been killed, but takes away the ability to respawn

When it comes to story, GoW2 does not offer too much. It’s definitely bigger, with huge enemies and environments that will certainly take full advantage of your HDTV.‚ 

The story begins six months after the ending credits of the last Gears of War. Not much is known about the story, all that is known for sure is that Fenix has a love interest, people will die, and Carmine will be back. The rest ‚ is pretty much the same, locusts are taking over the cities, and Fenix and his diehard crew are the only ones to stop them, (hmm … Halo anyone?) If you are looking for an intricate story , you may be best served to look elsewhere.

It’s basically the same plot that has been rehashed since WWII, evil forces are taking over the world, and only a select few can stop them — except with this one, you got chainsaws. ‚ 

Many PlayStation 3 owners experienced arguably the best of the systems launch lineup with Resistance: Fall of Man. The game was a huge success critically and consumer wise. There was no doubt that a sequel would be made and two years later it happened.‚ 

With Resistance 2, it is all about scale. Insomniac’s latest shooter delivers on just that, with 100-foot enemies, 60 player online, and 8-person cooperative play, complete with its own storyline.

The story takes place two years after the first, starting off where the last cinematic from the original Resistance left off. ‚ Our hero, Nathan Hale, joins a powerful group of super soldiers called The Sentinels that seem to have the same immunity to the Chimeran virus as him.

This time around the narrative will be from Hale’s perspective, unlike the first games where the story had been told through Rachel Parker’s eyes.‚ 

Multiplayer has been improved considerably with up to 60 players playing at once. Insomniac knows that with 60 people in one area would just be unmitigated chaos. The solution was to split the 60 players into groups of five giving each group specific objectives to complete.‚ 

The weapons from the first game will be making a return, but with a few added tweaks. Like the Bulls-eye, which now has a sniper scope One new and interesting new weapon ‚ is the Splicer which shoots electromagnetically charged saw blades at your opponent, slicing them into ribbons.

If the 60 person multiplayer doesn’t catch your interest there is an 8-player cooperative campaign for you and seven other buddies to play. Instead of just letting you play through the single player storyline, Insomniac has created a separate storyline that scales to the amount of players that are playing. Players have up to three different classes to choose from. The Tank has high health and has a shield to help take heavy damage, special ops, who deals heavy damage, but has low health and medic who is the primary support class who focuses on the group.

It is to see that with the amount of things being crammed into this one title that you would have a hard choice of purchasing a game. If the promise of a huge, deep story with 100 foot boss fight, 60 player online play, and an 8 person cooperative campaign doesn’t sell you on this game — nothing will.

Blast Magazine Correspondent‚ Juneil Cabreza also contributed to this article.

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  1. sinn1

    Yes because resistance fall of mans story is so unique. Try war of the worlds, further more I have both and Gears is a better game, and much, much longer than resistance. The graphics on Resistance are so dated its pathetic, it only starts to look good when you reach chicago, very spotty. Do me a favor when you are playing in utah look at the textures on the rocks or lack of and you tell me which is better. RFOM 2s only saving grace is the epic co-op I can not knock that, it is spot on. The 300 ft tall monster was a cool fight but it was over to quick, and its obvious you have not played Gears because there is a couple of huge monster fights, like the one in resistance but if you actually played it you would know that. You also state that its up to just the old crew did you pay attention when there were large battles going on. One last thing 2 player co-op only on one console is weak.

  2. RandyChimp

    it isnt called resitance fall of man 2 sinn1, you retard. Its just Resistance 2. and pardon me, but resistance FOM was brilliant, i havnt played gears, so i have no opinion, but get past being a noob fanboy, and crawl out of that shell you call an opinion!

  3. sinn1

    Well if you want to call people retards, you might want to check your grammar first jackass. While I liked the first game the second one does not compare to gears 2, and isn’t this what the discussion was about. Now who needs to crawl out of their opinion? The fact I own both of them means I am not a fanboy, but you defending resistance 2 sounds like you are. Since you like to spend so much time on names and box art why is it you spelled it like this, resistance FOM. When it should be spelled like this, Resistance Fall of Man. That’s for future reference so you know how its spelled, captain I know how the game is pronounced. I also said resistance 2 online 8 man co-op was legendary, but then again nobody accused you of having the ability to read either.

  4. gears fan

    ha nice job sinn1 i also on both but gears2 has it beat i loved the fish fight in gears2 it was truly epic. but resistance2 had its goog points to. but the big monster fight in resistance2 was much to all and all gears2 by alot.

    ps… gears2 vs resistance2 on online play gears2 every time

  5. HaloDODOBoy

    I wish Gears of War and Halo 3 is as good as Resistance 2. Resistance 2 is epitome of FPS and what all console should try to strive, but alas, Xbox 360 sits and cry like a sore loser..

    Resistance 2 will be king this year. Huzzah..Huzaah to insomiac


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