A young country the United States has, sadly, had a horrific history of racism. Blacks could not vote until the 1960s; were human property until the 1860s; were not truly included in the creation of our country in the 1770s; and were kidnapped, chained onto ships and enslaved in the 1600s.

Today, an African American stands at the most powerful man in the world. It is remarkable. But it must be the beginning of something new, rather than the end of something old. The fight against racism must continue on Nov. 5.

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Michael Corcoran is a journalist who focuses on business, media and public affairs. He has written for the Nation, the Boston Globe, Common Dreams, Alternet, Campus Progress and elsewhere.

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  1. Manuel

    Historical year. Next time let’s bring down this two-party system. And give Americans a voice and a choice, not just an ‘either-or’.