Oh Jesus Christ.

Okay, folks. We’ve been very, very nice to Electronic Arts lately, particularly giving them high marks for their E3 lineup, but this is just off.

Electronic Arts’ Casual Entertainment Label announced the release of Solitaire For Dummies, the second “For Dummies” game themed on the popular books. The game, available on Pogo.com, lets you play 10 different solitaire games like Klondike (Windows Solitaire), Pyramid, Scorpion, etc. It also gives you how-to, practice and play modes so you can learn the basics.

Cool so far.

They want $20 for it.

Come now. You already have Klondike on Windows, and there are literally hundreds of similar solitaire games out there for download and web play, mostly for free. This should be no more than $4.99.

The first title in the series, Poker For Dummies is also available and lets you play Texas Hold’Em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud, with learning modes included also. This is also great, but you can still do that on FullTiltPoker.com and Pokerstars.com (Well, .net anyway) for free.

A DS title, Travel Games For Dummies, features crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and solitaire, and will be available in November.

I just think price is the kill factor with the solitaire game.

But we still are in love with Lightbox, so here’s a gallery:

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