dollhouse_season_2With poor ratings, FOX has decided to pull “Dollhouse” from the schedule during the pivotal November sweeps, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The Joss Whedon series will come back in December with back-to-back episodes.

But when the show returns in December, it will remain in its deadly Friday time slow when no one is home and the sci-fi fans who are watching TV seem to be gravitating toward Stargate Universe.

The sweeps period runs October 30 to November 26. A repeat of the two-hour “House” season premiere will air on Oct. 30, and “House” and “Bones” reruns will fill Fridays until December.

Despite all the popularity we’ve heard about the show and its quality and diehard base of fans, this could be the beginning of the end.

It’s too bad. FOX really should put this show on earlier in the week. We even heard that this week’s episode was one of the best yet. Maybe a little time apart will make fans appreciate the show more. Then again, maybe FOX will just cancel the show after this season.

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  1. Manuel

    It sucked. Sometimes you lose Joss, sometimes you lose. He has to stay grounded and realize, sometimes there is not enough nerds to keep your show afloat.

    Besides he has more followings away from television and in the virtual world. He should focus on that instead of spreading himself too thin across all mediums.

  2. Madman007

    This will hopefully teach Joss to never trust FOX again. What was he thinking? He should have gone to cable and not network where there is more of an audience. But no. He had to give FOX another chance and it looks like they’re blowing it with another good show of his…AGAIN!

  3. Sarah Be

    I am very curious to see what the impact of DVR (and TiVO) will be on the otherwise deadly Friday night slots. Will it matter if the weekend line-up isn’t viewed until hangover Sunday?

  4. David

    When Dollhouse first premiered I vowed to watch it, because I loved Firefly. I really tried to watch, but only lasted three episodes. The show just is not that grabby. It just does not suck you into the mythology, where after excepting the premises you can except the shows reality. To me it is boring. Sorry about that Joss.

  5. KT Chong

    Dollhouse isn’t really that good of a show. The quality of the episodes in the first season were uneven. Some were good, but most were just average. This season has been average and below average so far.

    I’ve been watching Stargate Universe, and it’s a much better show than Dollhouse is. Like many si-fi geek, I’ve switched over to Stargate Universe, which does not bore well for Dollhouse.

  6. cassi

    So this is Fox fault for putting Dollhouse on Friday? Come on, season 1 was bad, they had no idea what they wanted to do with the show, then came the finale and it was ok, Epitaph was AWESOME but episode 2.01 was more than boring, it was bad. So how long does Dollhouse need to deliver good or awesome episodes on a regular basis? I heard that last week was amazing but guess what some people are tired of waiting and have just picked other shows!!!

    Dollhouse had been lucky that it got a second season. They got picked over the superior Terminator,just because Dollhouse was a Josh Whedon series.

    Stargate Universe is a good show and it has two advantages SG-1 and Atlantis fans. SGU is a bit different than those two previous shows but it has enough of the Stargate feeling to satisfy Stargate fans and maybe grab a few new viewers.

    Stop blaming the network, the friday death slot or the people who don’t care about Dollhouse. It had it chances more than other shows and it couldn’t deliver or find a big enough audience to garanty it’s survival . For heaven’s sake, Smallville is on Friday too and it gets more viewers!!!

  7. Randall

    Sometimes good shows need time to develop. Remember, Star Trek Next Generation sucked its first two years, but developed and became a great show. I think Dollhouse is a very good show, with a lot of potential. Although there were some uneven episodes the first season, I saw enough in it to give it a chance, and I’m glad I did. It’s not hard to detect the influence of Philip K. Dick in Dollhouse, and the work of other great sci-fi authors.

    I think this show has the potential to develop into a great show. The acting is good, the premise is very intriguing, and Joss Whedon always does good stuff. It’s the network that’s monkeying around with it. It really does need to be on another a night, and have a chance to build an audience.


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