July 1, 2008
Nintendo DS

Motorbike racing sims have been a staple of video gaming culture for years. From Road Rash to MotoGP to Super Hang-On — heck, Excitebike — the motorcycle is fun to virtually race.

Enter Ducati Moto from Bethesda Softworks. In the 1960s, the Ducati bike became the fastest 250 cc bike in the world. They are sick bikes, indeed worthy of their own video game.

And Ducati Moto goes the legend some justice. First, it’s a relatively simple game, but there’s a lot packed into the small DS package including 11 bikes and five play styles including time trials and stunt challenges. Really though, especially with WiFi multiplayer, this is a game you can just pick up and play.

The game has basic graphics with some bells and whistles like street and dessert scenes (see screen shots). It does kinda feel like an old arcade racer. Simple controls let you push the gas and go without worrying as much about turns and braking.

Overall, Ducati is a good little game. It doesn’t try to do too much, but it does just enough to keep players occupied.

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