We all expected GTA 4 to cause controversy — but this is getting ridiculous.

Connecticut State Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) is concerned over an apparent rape scene in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 4. The only problem — it doesn’t exist.

The Senator, who admittedly has never played a single mission of the Grand Theft Auto series wants confirmation of the supposed scene from Rockstar’s parent company Take2, fears that it will corrupt the youth.  In an interview with The New Haven Advocate newspaper, the apparently gullible Slossberg hints that she’ll introduce legislation in the upcoming legislative session that will call for a overhaul of the way the ESRB rates and labels games, adding that she’s unsure of what would be a sufficient label for the game. “Maybe, ‘this game will make you a sociopath,'”  the Senator scoffed.

A quick google search for the terms “GTA 4 rape” brings up nothing but curious message board posters asking about the rumors validity and a single Youtube video titled “GTA 4 Rape” that doesn’t deliver, but does serve to show off some sick pretty sick crashes around Liberty City.

 Take2 has not commented on the rumors, and don’t expect them to.

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