The 83rd Academy Awards were watched by 33.5 million last night, down nearly 8 million viewers from last year’s 41.5 million. The show drew a 10.6 in the 18-49 demo, down from last year’s preliminary 12.5 in the demo. Numbers are preliminary, and will be adjusted later Monday.

Reviews of the show have been unkind, and the show featured few to no surprise wins, which could have prompted some to tune out. Despite an attempt to attract a younger audience with James Franco and Anne Hathaway (a joke the hosts mentioned), the show dropped in that respect.

“CSI: Miami” posted a series low 2.0 in the demo, as did “Amazing Race.” Most other shows were in repeat.


7 pm

Academy Awards Red Carpet: 5.2 demo, 20.5 million viewers

*The Simpsons: 1.7 demo, 4 million viewers

60 Minutes: 1.2 demo, 8.4 million viewers

*Dateline: .8 demo, 4.7 million viewers

7:30 pm

*American Dad: 1.6 demo, 3.4 million viewers

8 pm

Academy Awards Red Carpet: 9.1 demo, 32.4 million viewers

*Simpsons: 2.2 demo, 4.9 million viewers

Amazing Race: 2.1 demo, 7.6 million viewers

*Minute to Win It: .7 demo, 2.5 million viewers

8:30 pm

83rd Academy Awards (8:30-11 pm): 10.6 demo, 33.4 million viewers

*Bob’s Burgers: 1.8 demo, 3.8 million viewers

9 pm

*Family Guy: 2.0, 4.3 million viewers

*Undercover Boss: 1.5 demo, 5.6 million viewers

*Minute to Win It: 1.1 demo, 3.6 million viewers

10 pm

CSI: Miami: 2.0 demo, 8.1 million viewers

*Minute to Win It: .8 demo, 2.4 million vewers

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    I loved Anne Hathaway last night, she hosted the whole thing by herself, it was like James wasn’t even there. What was that about? Other than that Sandra Bullock was the funniest (can she host next year?) along with Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr, Russell Brand and Helen Mirren. Colin Firth was a darling too and Natalie is just too adorable.


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