Alex Marvez of says that starting June 1, NFL teams will be fined when their players have run-ins with the law. Every team, however, has a clean slate and will only be fined for infractions that occur after June 1.

“The policy on club fines is being applied going forward (prospectively), not retroactively,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote in a Tuesday email to Marvez. “The plan is that the club to be fined will be the club to which the player belonged at the time of the arrest or violation. But it only applies to arrests or violations occurring after June 1.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell is cracking down even more now in an effort to flush the league’s turd toilet.

“When you look at any particular window, it might not look like there’s been significant progress,” Goodell said at the NFL’s spring meeting in Atlanta. “But I think there’s a greater recognition of the issue. … I recognize there have been incidents in recent weeks that concern me. That’s one of the reasons we raised the [punishment] again. We will continue to address this issue. It is still a priority for us.

“As I said last year: This is not going to get resolved simply by issuing a new personal conduct policy. It’s going to be a continuing reinforcement of the message. You’re expected to act a particular way if you’re going to be involved with the NFL — period.”

Now, if he could just do more about coaches and teams that cheat.

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