Fish Tycoon is another one of those tycoon simulation games where your job is to make money by raising, building, birthing or otherwise developing animals, people or infrastructure.

This Majesco title stretches the capabilities of the Nintendo DS touchscreen. There are more than 750 different varieties of fish you can raise and sell using genetic crossbreeding and different chemicals and foods to healthily rear your fishies.

There are also seven “magic fish” you can create using the proper genetic mixtures.

The DS version of Fish Tycoon was inspired by the original PC version, and this portable, touch-screen version may find some support in what’s shaping up to be a strong holiday season for portable game titles.

But I got bored of Fish Tycoon quickly. For me it was like playing a screen saver, repeating tasks over and over to raise good fish and attract customers. If you really like fish and aquariums and all that, give it a shot. This is a classic DS port, and youngsters will enjoy it.


  • Extensive use of touch screen features
  • Seven exclusive fish to the NDS version yield over 750 possible fish types
  • Enhance your fish with special plant types and chemicals
  • Based on the leading online and PC game from Big Fish Games that won 2006 iParenting Media Award
  • Simulated real-time experience – chooses from 4 speed options

Quick hits:

Publisher: Majesco
Developer: Majesco
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Simulation
Players: 1
Launch Date: October 16, 2007

Playability: [rating:3/5]
Learning Curve: [rating:4/5]
Sound: [rating:4/5]
Graphics: [rating:4/5]
Overall: [rating:3/5]

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    may you tell me some fish mixtures that cost alot. or to make magic breed? please


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