The clothes are off…the war is on.

Carmen Electra’s Naked Women’s Wrestling League is, as you might have figured out, a professional wrestling league with naked women. There is no mud or oil involved, just body slams, headlocks and nudity.

But as you might not be thinking, the Naked Women’s Wrestling League (NWWL) was not invented by a bunch of guys sitting around watching wrestling thinking, “Wow this would be better with naked girls!”

“The people who created [the NWWL] had tried a couple of different products that had nudity and one was even a gaming and gambling [web]site where would be naked women playing poker and baccarat, before it became illegal,” said Dan Brown, writer and producer of the NWWL. “Then they tried wrestling in bikinis and that didn’t get a lot of buzz or get any eyebrows raised and so they upped the ante, trying to find the right combo of erotic sensuality and mainstream entertainment.”

Wrestling is so popular and has such a large fan base, they figured, if they added nudity and Carmen Electra on top of that mixture, they’d have a winning combination, Brown said.

And they did.

The NWWL girls are trained by Ron Hutchison, a Canadian veteran of the wrestling community.

To train for a match, depending on when it is, the girls train 3-4 times a week for hours at a time. The workouts include cardio, aerobic exercise and weight training, as well as work in the ring, said Kandi Smyth, a naked women’s wrestler.

Kandi Smyth has been a wrestler in the NWWL for four years, since the first NWWL match appeared on Pay-Per-View in Miami.

For Smyth, NWWL has been a positive experience.

“The family we’ve created- it really has been awesome” she said. But it wasn’t always easy.

“I come from a good Catholic home,” Smyth said, “and when I told them what I was doing, it was a big slap in the face.”

Smyth was kicked out of her home because her parents didn’t approve of her chosen profession.

“But I’ve shown them how dedicated I am and they see the reason behind it. This is something I can do while I’m naked, and I use my athletic ability. So they’ve overcome this, but initially they were not very impressed.”

It took Smyth’s family four years to see her point of view of wrestling nude “in a polite and classy way.”

Although Smyth is a nudist, wrestling naked didn’t come easily or comfortably.

“I’d been nude around nature, but never in front of an audience,” she said.

“You have some really rough times, and we train just like WWE or WWF, but when we get in the ring we’re naked. When it all comes down to it you’re having fun,” she said.

The Naked Women’s Wrestling League is not something that you would find behind the red curtain–it is mainstream adult entertainment you can find in the entertainment section, not in the porn bin, said Brown.

“It is more sensual than sexual,” Brown said.
In the immediate future, NWWL will sponsor 30 minute infomercials to get their name out to the public. A feature length documentary is also in the works.

Naked Women’s Wrestling League events have been broadcast around the world to 38 countries in Europe, South America and Scandinavia. They’ve also been featured in the July issue of Rockstar Magazine, CBS News in Cleveland, Penthouse, Playboy and Maxim.

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Samantha Lavine is the contributing editor for all things kinky for Blast Magazine

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    • asar azmi

      what is the courage that make the girls become naked in front of the whole audience?


      how the hesitation and the feeling of ashame gets vanished in the new girl who appears for the first time in the ring.

      i think that she loses her first encounter in the ring due to the feeling of the sense of being naked before so many people.


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