Welcome to the fashion capital of the world, old Paris!

Here you will find Nancy Drew on her latest thrilling, adventurous, death defying undercover assignment.

As an assistant a fashion designer.

You have been sent on this mission to investigate the recent quirky behavior displayed by Minette, the fashion designer, which has other designers and producers all over the globe concerned. You go undercover as her assistant–no easy feat considering her temper tantrums and irrational behavior has been the cause for a high turnaround rate with assistants.

The game is presented with a “mystery” or “detective” theme where the player investigates the story, finds clues and solves puzzles.

This only mystery surrounding this game is the lack of actual detective work. The undercover role of intern is taken way too literally, as Nancy must complete such mundane tasks as making tea, fixing printers and running errands for the office. Not to mention answering the phone before you get fired after 30 seconds.

These would seem like easy tasks, but of course they’re complicated for the sake of the game.

For instance, the tea must be made with the perfect mixture of herbs, the printer must have the perfect ink alignment, and the errands must be done in a timely fashion to prevent Nancy from losing her “job.”

These tasks can only be completed after solving a logic puzzle, many of which are very challenging if not nearly impossible. In this respect the game can be fun and stimulating, but none of these things are relevant to the big “mystery” regarding Minette.

The theme and style of the game itself may be misrepresented, but overall is enjoyable. Just make sure you look up instructions previous the beginning the game to save yourself a lot of frustration. This coming from a person who usually loses the instructions within 5 seconds of opening the case.

Otherwise, the game also takes quite awhile to install, but the graphics are high-quality and well worth the wait. The background views of the city and the Seine River are beautiful and very impressive for a PC game.

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