Totally Spies returns with Totally Spies 2: Undercover once again based off the hit television show with more super sleuthing action. Players can control each one of the characters, Clover, Alex, or Sam, all of whom have the personality and style of a typical Beverly Hills teenager.

Sam is the brains, Clover is the athlete, and Alex is the young sensitive type, together they are one tough girl power team. Each one of the 20 levels offers something different and challenging and include racing, puzzles, and kick-butt spying. At the end of each level, there are confessional quizzes, which is basically a memory quiz. If answered correctly, an image is unlocked for the gallery. The creativity of the game, however, is truly found in the awesome spying gadgets, all of which are a teenage girl’s dream. To say the least makeup and beauty products are the keys to getting past most of the levels.

This one is for the younger audience, but it is sure to entertain.

Cool New Gadgets:

Net throwing/extendable Rod Mascara

The Wind tunnel 9000 Laser/Tornado Blast Hair-dryer

Plush Pendants- as gas masks

M-Ray Contact Lenses

Laser Nail Filer

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