Charlie Sheen’s “Tiger Blood” turned into an energy drink 0

According to Pop Eater, Harcos Labs is going to sell an energy drink called “Tiger Blood.” It will sell for $4 per bottle. The name is coming from, of course, Charlie Sheen’s recent catchphrase. The company’s website states, “It’s made from 100 percent passion specifically to make your brain fire in a way that’s not(…)

Charlie Sheen’s live show got 100,000 viewers 0

Charlie Sheen’s Ustream Internet live show “Sheen’s Korner” suddenly made its debut and drew more than 100,000 viewers on Saturday night. The show was aired out of the blue after Sheen announced on Twitter, “#BeThere 7:00p pacific time..! Its #TigerBlood in 80 minutes #Sheen’s-Korner http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sheen-s-korner #winning.” During the broadcast, Sheen revealed a new tattoo on(…)