Charlie Sheen’s Ustream Internet live show “Sheen’s Korner” suddenly made its debut and drew more than 100,000 viewers on Saturday night.

The show was aired out of the blue after Sheen announced on Twitter, “#BeThere 7:00p pacific time..! Its #TigerBlood in 80 minutes #Sheen’s-Korner #winning.” During the broadcast, Sheen revealed a new tattoo on his inner left wrist saying “winning.” He also listed off the people he would like to be for ten minutes, such as Colin Farrell, San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson, and Sean Penn. The live show was very random overall.

He also said that depending on reaction, the show might return on a regular basis. Before the show, Paris Hilton tweeted to Sheen, “@CharlieSheen Hey Neighbor, I think I might have #Tigerblood 😉 and I’m definitely #Winning! Huge! Can’t wait to see #Sheen’s-Korner.” Now, we know that the random show was highly anticipated.

Sheen has about 2 million Twitter followers for now.

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