According to Pop Eater, Harcos Labs is going to sell an energy drink called “Tiger Blood.” It will sell for $4 per bottle.

The name is coming from, of course, Charlie Sheen’s recent catchphrase. The company’s website states, “It’s made from 100 percent passion specifically to make your brain fire in a way that’s not from this particular terrestrial realm.”

It also says: “Tiger Blood allows you to use household items, you’re welcome to take more drugs than anyone can survive. Be different, have a different brain, and a different heart. When you feel Tiger Blood in your veins, you’ll realize dying’s for fools and that can’t is the cancer of happen. Period. The end.”

Based on the product description, it’s not really clear what the drink is, but they also say, “Note: This product does not do any of the above, and we don’t know what banging 7 gram rocks means. It is, however, a delicious fruit punch flavored energy shot packing 80mg of caffeine. WINNING. Also: Don’t do drugs. Seriously. Don’t. Do. Drugs.”

So, it’s a fruit punch flavored energy drink.

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