Michele Bachmann calls Hurricane Irene a message from God 0

Hurricane Irene, the powerful storm that ripped the American East Coast and has left 45 people dead so far, was a message from God, if you believe Republican and Tea Party presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. Bachmann, the fundamentalist religious, often controversial, quick to words candidate, had an interesting remark quoted in the St. Petersburg Times.(…)

Whoops… the Rapture is actually coming in October 0

So the Rapture did not come Saturday as prophesied by Harold Camping. It’s actually coming October 21, so be ready. And here I was just thinking we’re all damned heathens. The Christian radio host said Monday that the apocalypse will actually come five months after the May 21 date he originally forecast. In an Associated(…)

An interesting Angels & Demons trailer 0 just released a new “hypertrailer” for “Angels and Demons.” There are also clips and red carpet movie premiere coverage here. “Angels and Demons,” the best-selling thriller from Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code,” stars Tom Hanks as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. Langdon is called upon by the Vatican to counter an apparent(…)