Gaming Holiday Gift Guide 2

It’s that time of year, when you get to run to the store, wait in long lines in the bitter cold and push people around to grab the presents of your choice before it runs out. What better way to be more organized than those around you than by having a little cheat sheet, like a buying guide for which games you want to be on the lookout for?

This is our first year with one of these, and it’s pretty comprehensive. We’ve broken the guide into multiple categories: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, Xbox 360, and then multiplatform titles. There’s a solid number of titles on each list, though the PS3 and 360 lists are somewhat shorter due to the long multiplatform page–don’t miss that page, since there’s a lot to it. Exclusives are the only thing you will find on the system pages. There’s also a Kids and Family guide, with a few of the games we reviewed for the younger crowd that we actually enjoyed.

As of right now, games we have reviewed (or games that in the review pipeline) are on the list–a few more holiday titles may be added assuming they stand up to our scrutiny. There may also be a few that we have not reviewed, but one of our writers at one point or another played through it and vouched for its awesomeness, so we decided to pass their opinion on to you through this guide.

Nintendo Wii Gift Guide

Nintendo DS Gift Guide

Playstation 3 Gift Guide

Playstation Portable Gift Guide

Xbox 360 Gift Guide

Multiplatform Gift Guide

Kids & Family Gift Guide