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Apparently Robert Pattinson has discovered the secret to quick success in film.

Pattinson, 22, previously best known as Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, and soon to be best known for his leading role as the dazzling Edward Cullen in “Twilight”, stars in “How to Be” – an independent film currently showing only at film festivals.

Pattinson plays Art, a socially awkward failing musician going through a quarter-life crisis. Despite the departure from his typical supernaturally attractive characters, fangirls still flock in the thousands to see Rob play a normal guy (sub-normal, even). Twilight fans have been a big portion of the audiences viewing the movie on selected screens around the world.

One devoted Twilight follower, Liz Waters, the creator of, traveled from Indiana to Kentucky for the showing of “How to Be” at the Derby City Film Festival in Louisville, Ky. on October 11. She was not the only one making a trek to solely see “How to Be” — as tickets went on sale the week prior to the showing, the directors of the festival recognized the special interest and advertised a possible second showing of the film if demand was high enough. Liz claimed that many of the audience members were decked out in Twilight gear, which actually caused speculation from the festival directors that they had only come to see Rob’s “pretty face”.

For some, this might have been the case. Some probably came because they hoped Rob would be in attendance, like it has been announced that he will be in Austin, Texas on October 18. Some might have merely come because they had heard he called into the Rhode Island Film Festival and wanted to be in the same room as his voice. Unfortunately for those hopefuls at the Derby City Film Festival, Pattinson actually called the New Orleans Film Festival for a phone interview instead, which occurred on the same night.

Waters says, however, that she was not there to simply drool over her favorite Brit. “One of my favorite aspects of the movie was that there was not one single trace of Edward Cullen in Robert’s performance. … It is roles like these that allow us viewers to see how versatile and brilliant he truly is.”

While her comment may sound a bit biased, Pattinson is receiving recognition for his performance from more than just Twilight’s rabid fan base. He received his first international film award at the Strasbourg Film Festival: Best Actor in a Feature Film.

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