Gaby Dunn (Photo credit/CJ Johnson)

The state of play for lady journos

In the midst of helping my mother move out of my childhood home, I came across a book in my old closet. It is a book about female journalists, given to me by a journalist who visited my high school for a career...
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African albinos murdered, limbs harvested for magic potions

In an age of western media where Archie marrying Veronica is a top story (I can’t believe he’s not choosing Betty!), there just isn’t room for tales from the Dark Continent, even though they tend to sometimes be the most newsworthy international exposé.
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Boston’s political bedlam

Not only did Turner hold a press conference to claim innocence and plead for public support, but Maureen Feeney, city council president, preempted that 2:30 p.m. press conference with one of her own.