2020 has definitely been a rocky year for many out there with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic leading to many business shutting down or running into financial troubles. Many of us have struggled to get by, too, and some of us had to quarantine and isolate for a few months while the state of the world slowly started to ease itself out. Thankfully, video games stayed strong and were there lifting us up in between Zoom calls and Netflix binge-fests. How lucky for us!

Indie studios in particular continued to impress us with a bevy of outstanding titles that prove you don’t have to be big to go big. This year we saw popular indie studios like Supergiant Games, Harmonix, and DotEmu release even more amazing content and newer studios like Coatsink and Nodding Heads Games emerge as breakout stars in the industry bringing us games that belong on everyone’s wish list. The following are our picks for the best the year has to offer, but please don’t take our word for it—do these developers a big favor and buy them, play them, and find out why these games are some of the best. Click the images below to see our favorites and get gaming!

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