The buxom blonde won America’s heart and apparently the hearts of the jury as well. Jordon, the waitress from North Carolina, took home the $500,000 grand prize in the 11th season of Big Brother. The 22-year-old went up against one of the house schemers, Natalie, in the final round.

Throughout the game, Jordan rode the coattails of her showmance boyfriend, Jeff. But in the end she proved to be more than just the dumb blonde people believed her to be.

Once Jeff was evicted from the house, the house became divided, Kevin and Natalie versus Jordan and Michelle. The last Head of Household competitions were crucial. Since Kevin was unable to compete, it was a showdown between the ladies, coming down to a three way tie breaker. Winning her first competition of the season, Natalie won the HOH competition, securing her a spot in the final three.

Natalie unexpectedly put her ally, Kevin up as a pawn. Michelle was put up against him on the block. It was supposed to be all four contestants competing for the last Power of Veto, but Natalie made a decision that would leave Kevin fighting for himself.

During a part two of Pandora’s Box, Natalie made the decision to give up the chance to play for the power of veto and spend time with her boyfriend inside the Big Brother house.

But proving he doesn’t need an ally, Kevin won the POV competition choosing to take himself off the block, leaving Jordon as the only possible replacement. Kevin was the only deciding vote and made the choice to send Michelle home.

One person from three different cliques was now left, Kevin, Natalie and Jordan.

In the first HOH competition, the house guests’ endurance was tested. They were forced to stay on a slippery, rolling log throughout stormy weather. Jordon was the first to drop. After some time had passed, Natalie left her fate in Kevin’s hands, opting to lose the competition on purpose.

The second HOH competition tested Natalie and Jordan’s memory skills, forcing them to recall every head of household in the correct order. With a score of 9 to 5, Jordan won a seat in the final HOH.

The final competition was a test of how well they knew their former housemates. Jordan proved to be a stronger competitor and won, guaranteeing herself at least $50,000. In the live finale night, Jordan made the decision to take Natalie to the final two. She felt her chances were better, having won more competitions than her. She was right!

Taking America’s vote and four of the juror’s votes, Jordan became the next winner of Big Brother.

But let’s not forget about America’s favorite Jeff. He took home $25,000 as America’s favorite player.

It was another interesting and explosive season of big brother. You can catch Big Brother 12 next summer starting in July. IF you’re interested in applying to be on next season, go to

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