As the lockdown rages on – albeit in a more reduced fashion – people have started getting a bit more inventive with how they communicate with each other. Bearing in mind that the novelty of the Zoom app – which has enabled people to see their friends and family via video call – has started to wear off, new ways to spice things up with your friends have come into being. Here are five ideas for you to enhance your next Zoom call.

Two little ducks and a quiz

No matter how much your friends try and dismiss the idea, friends are incredibly competitive with each other. A quiz can certainly separate the wheat from the chaff as friends put their brains against one another for bragging rights. If a quiz is perhaps too challenging then there is always that traditional classic that is bingo. With bingo becoming a firm favorite in the online world, a multitude of games like bingo with PayPal await groups of friends where fun yet rivalry is the name of the game. Get to grips with your virtual dabber as your group races to have the honor of yelling “BINGO!”

Get creative with drinks

That ability to go out on a weekend and drink and party the night away with your friends has been lost, but the ability to have fun and party does not have to be. Get yourselves cocktail mixing – or simply drink-making – over a Zoom call and create a competition to try and make the most refreshing tipple.

What better way to learn how to make your favorite drink than by doing it yourself with all your friends in attendance? And, it doesn’t have to be a hit and hope kind of concoction – the Whisky Exchange provides advice for those heading into the world of mixology for the first time.

Ready up your dancing shoes and attend a virtual concert

If there was one surefire way to spruce up your usually mundane Zoom call, then attending a virtual concert is certainly the direction to go. Creating memories with your friends which you can look back on in years to come is a guarantee with concerts popping up worldwide. The List is a great source of information regarding when artists and groups will perform at a live stream event.

Even comedy stars have taken it upon themselves to take to the stage – or room at home in this case – and give a performance to a live audience via stream. A Zoom call can be made a lot more fun if you get creative.

A sophisticated soiree

For those groups of friends that enjoy a nice, sophisticated meal out with plenty of food and drink, well all is not lost. Your favourite restaurant meal will be readily available online as people accumulate an enormous library of recipes in order to perfect a certain dish. Then, once everyone has finished cooking, sit down and eat together as if you were in that said restaurant. If you are really brave, you could even employ one of your lockdown inhabitants to become the sommelier or waiter, though asking nicely is advised.


Participating in karaoke is something that people love to hate, but behind closed doors, absolutely love. Get your vocal chords in motion and sing along to your favorite song in a fashion that only you can perform. It is almost guaranteed that your friends will be in stitches, particularly if you try and play an instrument at the same time.

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