Astro C40 TR ($179.99)

Xbox enthusiasts now have two generations of the superb Elite Wireless Controller, but Sony has yet to make an equivalent for the PS4. Apparently tired of waiting, Astro (known for making a great array of gamer-focuses headphones) took matters into their own hands and have gifted Sony (and PC) players with the Astro C40 TR. It’s easily one of the best controllers we’ve ever tried and every bit up to par with the Elite, which is also why it’s priced nearly the same. If you have a diehard Sony lover who dreams of competing, this is the absolute best you can for your PS4.

8BitDo Retro Pads

The Nintendo Switch and retromania go together like pretzels and beer. They’re just a natural pairing. If you want to feel even more nostalgic while playing those NES, SNES, and even Sega Genesis classics look no further than 8BitDo. The company has been making brilliant retro-themed controllers for a few years now and they’ve become some of our favorites. Our picks are the N30 Pro 2 or the SN30 Pro + and for the perfect Sega experience, the M30. Best of all, these are all Bluetooth pads, so you can connect them to your Switch, PC, and Android devices.

Oculus Quest ($399)

Oculus started the VR craze a while back with the Rift, but the Quest is a sidestep to making VR portable and powerful. It’s not on par with the full Rift experience and has its own collection of apps and games, but it also doesn’t require a four-figure gaming PC to work. The Quest actually uses the same fantastic motion controllers as the latest generation of Rift and, for those that do have a gaming PC capable of handling the VR load, thanks to a very specific type of USB cable, you can literally connect the Quest to your PC and use it as a Rift.

Nintendo Switch Lite ($199)

Nintendo put the sad final nail in the venerable 3DS’s coffin this year with the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite. The even more portable version of their hybrid system, the Lite cuts out any ability to connect to a TV, but offers a smaller, more solid and secure design and better screen in trade. It even adds a proper D-pad to the Switch and should be a lot less prone to breakage since there are no removable Joy-Cons to worry about. With thousands of games and expandable memory, the Lite is truly the ultimate portable gaming system.

WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive for Xbox One ($89.99-$299.99)

With up to a whopping 12 TB of space, you’ll probably never have to delete a game again. WD has been the harddrive leader for decades, but these slick-looking external drives are a breeze to set-up (just plug it into your Xbox One and go). They’re also great for PCs and even the PlayStation 4. Sizes range from 2TB all the way up to the 12TB flagship drive. These drives also have the added benefit of being faster than the undersized stock hard drive that came with the Xbox.

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