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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Gaming Gear

Astro C40 TR ($179.99) Xbox enthusiasts now have two generations of the superb Elite Wireless Controller, but Sony has yet to make ...
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Gitaroo Man review

This review originally appeared on in 2002. It scored a 9.1 at the time. By Carlos McElfish KOEI is most widely known for kicking out strategy games. So the last thing this reviewer was e...
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Retro: Force 21 review

This review originally appeared on in 1999. Force 21 is far from your normal real-time gtrategy game. You don't have a base where you begin -- mining resources, building buildings, which in...
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Fatal Frame review

This review originally appeared on in 2002. For us, it all started with The 7th Guest for the PC. We were indescribably intrigued by this game at the time.‚ The ability to journey through a...
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The PlayStation 2 launch titles

December 2008. Sony PlayStation 2 has been a viable product for eight years, selling about 140 million units wordwide, more than any other video game console in history. The fact that we're still talking abo...
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The Old Shoebox: Cylindrix

Cylindrix was coded to run in Dos DJGPP Protected Mode so that it could address more than 640 KB of memory, something that the Dos programmers felt was impossible at one point in history.
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The Old Shoebox: Download Overkill

In 1992, Epic MegaGames released this almost forgettable little EGA game called Overkill. You, the pilot, are tasked with destroying all the evil alien forces that captured six otherwise peaceful planets, enslaving the populations along the way. Destroy them.