Mentally, everybody assigns different emails different levels of importance. Emails from that store you shopped at once? Ignore. Emails from your dentist about an upcoming check-up? Something you should probably check your calendar about, but nothing urgent. Emails from your boss about that meeting you accidentally slept through? You should already be pressing send on a response.

While all these emails rank differently in priority in your mind, Edison Mail realized that within your mailbox, they were all showing up side by side. Emails from your mom were displayed next to promotional emails which were sitting next to coworker emails. There was none of the separation that occurs mentally for all email users. That’s why they decided to change things.

Introducing Focused Inbox?—?a new feature from Edison Mail that separates the important email from the inconsequential. Our engineers created a proprietary algorithm to recognize and classify your incoming mail between two folders: Focused and Other. But unlike other algorithms used to separate mail into categories like these, ours isn’t as aggressive, so the chances of an important email slipping into your Other Inbox are slim to none. If, however, some mail that should be in your Other Inbox makes it into your Focused, all you have to do is tap at the three dots in the upper right corner, and move it. From then on, all mail from that contact will go to the correct inbox.

Focused Inbox is simple to enable, and once turned on works instantaneously. The onboarding process is all of a single question: “Would you like to use Focused Inbox?” Press yes, and your inbox will be split into two?—?the emails that matter most to you and the emails that can wait until later. Important emails that will appear in Focused Inbox include messages like meeting requests, booking confirmations, bill reminders, emails from family and friends.

You can turn off the feature at anytime from your Settings Menu if you change your mind about using it.

Here are the benefits you may gain from Focused Inbox:

Finish Important Emails Faster

Your Other Inbox will get all the promotional and marketing emails that you’re tired of clogging up your mailbox, and your Focused Inbox will get the rest, the important stuff. Edison Mail’s internal testing suggests that by focusing on a Focused Inbox, consumers can cut down on the average time spent in their mailbox by 35%.

Never Miss an Important Email

With your important email separated from the rest, our internal testing indicates your chances of missing crucial emails decreases drastically.


Since launching on iOS in April 2016, Edison Mail has blocked over 1 Billion read receipts per year from tracking our users, sent 10 million+ flight notifications (i.e. on-time vs. delayed, gate changes, etc.), tracked shipping for over 90 million packages, and organized over 500 million receipts. If you have any recommendations or requests for features you think will help make email more enjoyable, tweet  @Edison_Apps or email at [email protected].

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