Red Dev Studio, a game developer from Poland, has confirmed that their game Down To Hell will launch in Steam Early Access on April 18.

Down To Hell is 2D slasher game with challenging difficulty and unique style inspired by metal music. The game will go through Early Access period in episodic format: after the first episode premieres next Thursday, next episode is scheduled to come in 2-3 months release window.
Down To Hell is a game with a heavy metal heart. It’s inspired by the best elements of Metroidvania conventions, but it’s also a 2D answer to the combo-heavy fight style of such games as Devil May Cry and brutal difficulty of Souslike genre.
All of the experience is enhanced by the grim, but evocative art style, inspired covers of metal albums, the darkest of dark fantasy and classic references such as legendary manga Berserk. The dark atmosphere is punctuated by a truly metal soundtrack. Decapitated and KORONAL are onboard with their music, with more renown metal bands joining the score soon.
The game will be published in episodic format on Steam, with Switch and possibly other platforms to come.
The Early Access version of the game will be priced at $9.99. The first episode offers up to three hours of high-octane action including four spectacular boss battles. Later this year Red Dev Studio will also unveil details of a Switch version of the game.

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