Timing is everything when gaming. Fail to react immediately to an event and it may result in defeat, whether by failing to stop your opponent from scoring in a sporting game or to get your shot off before the enemy shoots you. It’s imperative for players to create an environment in which they can perform at their best, especially as the growth of eSports is raising the stakes. Gamers can ensure they are mentally prepared for the game, but it is also vital to prepare physically, which can be achieved by considering posture and sight before becoming immersed in the game.

Are you sitting comfortably?

With the ability to obtain gaming chairs from a variety of places, creating a comfortable gaming environment is easier than ever. Many cynical commentators deride the physical toll of gaming on the gamers. Their claims are not without foundation – after all, gamers aren’t running marathons. Yet the mental agility required is on a par with the most competitive of sports. It can be easy to overlook the physical side to emphasise strategic preparation, but failure to consider posture when playing will reduce a gamer’s stamina and weaken reactions during marathon gaming sessions.

Adjustable chairs are advisable. Homer Simpson may champion the benefits of creating a groove in your chair for maximum comfort, but it’s better to adjust according to your physical needs. Medical experts suggest that feet should be placed on the floor (or on a footrest if required), with knees just below the hips.

How good is your eyesight?

What you sit on, and how you choose to sit doesn’t only affect posture and ensuring your eyes are level with the screen will help minimize any extra strain on eyesight. But it’s also crucial to take steps to maintain eyesight health when participating in extended gaming sessions. Many gamers who wear spectacles find them a hindrance when gaming, but contact lenses can solve this problem and, now that they’re so widely available, there’s no excuse. For those looking to order lenses online, a large variety of products can be shipped to the US. Delivery speed is why many American gamers are ordering contact lenses to the US from abroad, while the ability to order contacts without a prescription means players can act immediately on any discomfort they experience when gaming. Using the right contact lenses gives players the comfort that helps them stay sharp during long games, while heightening their reactions at crucial moments.

These small changes also safeguard gamers’ sight in everyday life. If a player who needs contact lenses eschews their usage, the strain placed on their eyes will carry on after the game has finished. The advantages of considering posture and vision when gaming are therefore twofold: in the short term, it grants gamers more freedom when they play, through physical comfort; in the long term, it helps keep players safe from potential health problems down the line. This is where gaming and sports have much in common: the best players always seek ways to maximize performance while protecting their health

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  1. Michael Delaurier

    Gaming glasses are essential for me with my sensitive blue eyes. Having a real Dolby digital surround sound Astro A40 headset is a must for me also. Taking breaks during the day so you dont play while burned out and breaks to go outside at least once every few weeks. Keep the controller clean and replace when worn out. Invest in a Battle Beaver Custom Controller or an Xbox Elite controller. Scuf is garbage. Watch gameplay from pro players that you want to pick up a piece of there style. Analysing your own gameplay objectively while being open to criticism and searching it out is good. Keep your hands warm. Eliminate any distractions like noise or long fingernails. Use a surge protector so power outages don’t damage your console. Buy an external 4 or 8 terabytes hard drive if you are on Xbox one. Buy a BenQ style of monitor for the increased refresh rate. Don’t let yourself get too hungry with shaky hands only to eat a whole pizza and then feel lethargic. Set performance goals for yourself and tell them to someone so they keep you accountable. Set a rival for yourself. Try to become as good as them or even better. Pick someone who is a notch above you.


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