With only two days remaining until the season 4 premiere of Better Call Saul, fans continue to wonder what burning questions will be answered during the upcoming episodes. Although many of the show’s exciting reveals are still a secret, cast members Bob Odenkirk and Michael Mando, along with showrunner/executive producer Peter Gould, shared some of what viewers can expect to see in the coming weeks during a press conference at San Diego Comic Con.

As Better Call Saul has included both Breaking Bad easter eggs and character references, countless enthusiasts of the show have hypothesized on which actor/actress will be featured next. While only one new Breaking Bad character, Lalo, was officially confirmed for season 4, Bob Odenkirk [Jimmy McGill] firmly believes that Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, will ultimately make an appearance in a Better Call Saul episode.

“Here’s what I know. I know that Hank Schrader knows Saul because when they meet in the hallway, they give each other s**t. They know each other. So Hank knows Saul, and I think because of what Jesse said to Walt about Saul – “you don’t need a criminal lawyer, you need a criminal lawyer” – obviously Jesse saw Saul’s commercial on TV. We saw that in Breaking Bad but I don’t think that’s enough for Jesse to recommend they go to Saul. It’s just a commercial. I think he knew Saul and knew Saul’s reputation, so I think those two characters should be in Better Call Saul.”

Another character in Better Call Saul with a growing reputation is Nacho Varga, played by Michael Mando. At the end of last season, fans were left wondering what the state of Nacho’s relationship would be with his father moving forward. As viewers may recall, season 3 ended with Nacho being essentially disowned by his father after admitting that he was working for Hector.

During the press conference, Mando explained that this season will continue to explore Nacho’s family dynamic and the challenges he faces personally and professionally.

“Nacho’s storyline really breaks through and comes into focus this season. To me, the arc of the series of the character is very much a redemption story. It’s the story of a good son who has fallen from the good graces of his father and has to learn about self-sacrifice in order to redeem himself and hopefully save his father, and maybe himself.”

Character arcs are an important subject on any show, but especially on one where the ending is essentially already known, as is the case in Better Call Saul where viewers of Breaking Bad know that Jimmy McGill will eventually become Saul Goodman. For showrunner/executive producer Peter Gould, the biggest challenge for this show has been to show Jimmy McGill’s devolution in a logical and interesting way.

“The biggest question for me was how does this guy who I’m starting to really like, Jimmy McGill, become Saul Goodman who I am fascinated by? What happened to him? I think last season you saw what happened with Chuck and this season, you start to understand it all…Also, there’s this connection between Jimmy and Kim that I just find fascinating and very touching. The idea that he’s going to become Saul Goodman after having this open-hearted relationship with a woman as wonderful as Kim Wexler kind of breaks my heart.”

Be sure to tune in for the season 4 premiere of Better Call Saul on August 6th!

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