Getaway cars, adorable alien puzzles, and Final Fantasy foes all make an appearance in this week’s batch of mobile games. Here are our picks for this week’s best.

Ayo: A Rain Tale ($2.99)

Follow a brave young woman in search of water for her village in this charming platformer. Guide Ayo through dark tunnels and master ledge hopping as you collect raindrops symbolizing a resource so many of us take for granted. Friendly spirits will give her skills to progress through her journey and some simple puzzles and not-so friendly foes add a nice change of pace to the exploration.

Magic Golf (Free)

Magic Golf lets you play some wacky courses that put a new spin on classic mini golf. Courses will challenge you to clear them within a number of shots, race the clock in timed challenges, or have you pick up collectibles along the way. This addictive game even lets you make your own courses, share them with friends, and play against others across the world.

HeadShot ZD (Free)

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is tough and so is surviving HeadShot ZD. Your resources will start dwindling down by the day so your team of survivors must go on missions shooting down zombies to collect food and water. Rescue other survivors with added skills and upgrade your camp to bring in more people, resources, and added firepower.

Hero Hunters (Free)

Take cover and shoot down enemies from a distance or use special skills and blow them up in this action-packed shooter that features over 40 unique characters to unlock and upgrade. Hero Hunters features an engaging campaign as well as PvP battles and co-op missions. Mix up your team and switch to different heroes during battle to get the upper hand.

Pako 2 ($2.99)

Pako 2 brings even more getaway missions right to your fingertips. Drive your car through deserts, cities, and other locations you’ll unlock and shoot down the pesky authorities trying to spoil your fun. The trick is to make it to checkpoints as safely as possible to rack up your score without crashing and blowing up. Upgrade your vehicles and take on the leaderboards in this stylish arcade title.

Onmyoji (Free)

Japanese folktales are the backdrop of Onmyoji, a game that features turn-based battles and hundreds of demons and creatures to control. The game’s campaign has you traveling the world in an effort to restore the balance of good and evil by battling monsters and recruiting new ones on your side. Unlock stronger allies and power up your teams to take on the world in PvP battles.

Bring You Home ($2.99)

Bring You Home is a gorgeous puzzler that has you controlling the levels, and not the game’s adorable hero, on his journey to find his stolen cat. Travel through different worlds and make it to the next one by swiping parts of each level to clear a path for Polo. Its charming characters and imaginative gameplay are sure to put a smile on your face as you explore all possible level combinations until you get the right one.

Dice Soccer City (Free)

True to its name, Dice Soccer City mixes soccer with dice rolls to give you a city-building game unlike any other you’ve played. In order to grow your city, you’ll need to play soccer matches against those you want to recruit, and you’ll need to roll the dice to perform tricks on the field and score a goal each time. Build your team of soccer stars and take on other city builders in live matches too.

Mad Skills BMX 2 (Free)

Channel your inner BMX rider and take on other players to see who has what it takes to finish first. You’ll need to master your bike controls as you encounter bumpy hills, sandy dunes, and steep hills that’ll send your rider flying high. Unlock new bikes or upgrade your current wheels for tighter controls and even faster times when you go ahead the clock in time trial modes.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia (Free)

Build a team of your favorite Final Fantasy heroes as you take on a world of evil in this action-packed RPG. A new combat system will challenge you to balance your attack strategies to get the most out of your turn. Unlock new familiar faces along your journey and upgrade their skills to take on iconic bosses worth fighting again.

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