From shoot-em-ups to classic cart racers, this week’s batch of mobile games has something for everyone. Take a look at our top picks of games released this week.

Jydge ($4.99)

Jydge is a stylish top-down shooter that offers plenty of levels of crime-fighting action in the futuristic city of Edenbyrg. Build your own hero and customize him with cybernetic enhancements as you progress through levels that offer you different challenges and objectives to complete. Rescue hostages, survive unscathed, and bust through hideouts all while enjoying a smart soundtrack in this simple, yet impressive game.

Hero Academy 2 (Free)

A blend of real time strategy and card mechanics, Hero Academy 2 brings even more decks to unlock and plenty of new battles to win. Build your team by unlocking powerful cards and playing your hand wisely against both computer and human-players in PVP matches. You’ll need to master your decks and hone your skills if you want to outsmart the competition in this tactical gem.

Full of Sparks (Free)

When fireworks don’t want to burn out, what do they do? They throw themselves in water, that’s what! Each level has you guiding a brave firecracker through dangerous levels to reach water at the end. You’ll need to have fast reflexes as you trigger color-coded traps with a tap of your finger. One wrong move will make you go boom.

Catsby (Free)

Catsby is an adventure platformer that pays homage to Game Boy games of the past and tells the story of a cat trying to find its owner. Levels have you picking up weapons and power-ups , jumping over pitfalls, and fighting tough bosses at the end. It’s a classic formula, but its nostalgic touches and wonderfully created levels make this a fun journey to take.

Space Cycler ($1.99)

Control a spaceship circling its way through tunnel-like levels in this colorful shoot-em-up. What sets this one apart is that your ship is moving in a circular pattern around the screen. Pick up power-ups and blast your way through hundreds of enemies and bosses and even play with a friend in co-op mode. Just don’t bump into each other too much!

Fling Fighters (Free)

Simple in design but fun to pick up and play, Fling Fighters is a combat game where your only means of attack is to fling stuff at your opponent. Your characters will fling bananas, rocks, and even gingerbread men to knock out the enemy on the other side of the screen. Unlock different fighters or make them even stronger with all the money you get from your wins.

Quote Codes (Free)

A casual brain teaser, Quote Codes has you deciphering common phrases, famous quotes , and sayings one letter at a time. Each symbol stands for a letter in each puzzle you are faced with, so trial and error go a long way as you try to solve each one. Use up coins if you need hints, or simply relax and use your logic skills figuring out common words right away.

Finger Driver (Free)

True to its name, Finger driver has you using your finger to steer a car through an endless road of curves and turns. Don’t turn the wheel too much in one direction or your vehicle will crash off the road, but don’t forget to pick up gems to unlock even more trucks, cars, and crazy wheels as you test your reflexes on each road you drive on.

Blocky Racing (Free)

Simple yet addictive, Blocky Racing brings classic cart racing to your fingertips as you play through 55 unique tracks that get harder and a lot zanier as you go. Pick up power-ups like bombs and speed boosts to defeat your competition and come out on top to unlock even better racers and upgrade your current carts. Your blocky cart will start to crumble the more walls you hit so drive safe and always aim for first place.

Cytus II ($1.99)

Get your fingers ready to tap your way through electronic and techno beats in this stylish rhythm game. You will need to have quick reflexes to tap and slide your fingers across the screen to play notes in time with the music. Songs will get tricky to play as their tempo will pick up and create more colorful spots to tap. Memorization is key to play the most difficult songs and make your way up the leaderboards.

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