Atari to recreate Asteroids as an open world survival sandbox game

Remember the 1979 game Asteroids, which involved a simple 2D ship fending off waves of 2D asteroids with the occasional passing UFO? Atari has decided that its high-time to return to the series with an announcement for their spiritual sequel “Asteroids: Outpost.”

Instead of getting another classic top-down asteroid shooter, Atari is looking to deliver an open world survival sandbox game. Though there’s no reason to worry about the series straying from its roots: It takes place on an asteroid. From the announcement it looks like the game willl follow in the wake of the success of recent open world survival games such as Rust and Space Engineers. Players are to expect “exploring the asteroid, collecting resources, scavenging for ore, crafting equipment, and expanding their territory as they build highly customized bases – all while forming alliances and fighting off other players in challenging multiplayer gameplay.”

Outpost is being developed by Salty Games and is claimed to pay homage to original game and will include aspects of the original game with asteroid showers which will require players to blast asteroids and expand their wealth.

Currently only a few screenshots have been released and with the game “Coming Soon” we should expect to see gameplay in the coming months.


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