Seems as though the shipments of tablets is slowing down.


UPS & FEDEX delivered 78.3 MILLION tablets (among actual retail store handoffs) during the final quarter of 2014.  Guess what was on A BUNCH of santa letters and replaced A TON of dreidels this past holiday season?


But guess what is happening in 2015?  A major slow down in the shipment of tablets.  According to report, tablet shipments are slowing down “dramatically”.  IDC’s report also recognizes -3.2% decline in overall growth.  IDC also highlights that Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the tablet market, there has to be something in the valley or Cambridge or India…that offers new ideas, form and technology.


Apple may very well be so good at developing über intelligent smart phones that the iPhone 6 has actually rendered the mini iPad redundant.  Have you seen that iPhone 6 Plus screen?


Funnily enough Android users are not so very different from Apple users in this instance.   Android tablet users have tapered their orders too.



Yesterday’s tablet & technology works fine, downloading books, mags, newspapers, and games.  Apps can be updated whenever needed.  Perhaps what is needed to get orders up in some WOW factor that separates the Apple from the Droid (or visa versa) and not just a quick design tweak that makes the old look new.  Nobody will put that in their basket, no matter what the delivery option.

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