Move over, apps. There’s a new, interactive way to get content from your phone: text messages.

Alright, maybe that’s not so new, but messaging service Coach Alba is repurposing texts to do far more than you ever dreamed they could. How would you like a text message to help you lose weight and stop smoking?

Coach Alba is a text messaging service that works as your own, personal coach. Whether it’s overeating, smoking, or some other vice you want to kick, Coach Alba will be there for you, reminding you of your goals and plans.

Specifically, the service targets the danger times for you, the times that you can never help reaching for the chips or a cigarette.

“The problem with these crucial moments is that they’re very fleeting. They only happen during a certain part of the day, but if we succumb to them it can really torpedo the hope that we have that we can be successful, and that’s why we like to help people and coach them through those crucial moments. And we find the best way to do that is through a text message coach,” said founder and CEO Vince Han.

Han’s urge to help others in need of a life coach came from his own struggles to lose weight.  Though many other technologies were explored as options for the Coach Alba concept, like a website or an app, text messages was ultimately the clear choice. “What we have found is that any obstacle between me making a healthy choice is too much of an obstacle,” said Han. “Even being on an app, and logging in and tapping on to get to a certain screen, that’s too much work for a lot of people.”

Coach Alba is designed with an understanding that changing your life is hard and getting distracted is a lot easier. “If I get on my phone and I have a choice between thinking about how hard it is to be healthy versus spending 20 minutes playing Candy Crush and going on Facebook, we found that we would lose to Candy Crush or Facebook almost all the time,” said Han. Receiving a text messages, however, requires little effort and happens automatically.

Han believes that unlike an app, which often gets lost in a sea of others like in on a users phone, people who start using Coach Alba continue to use it over time because they rely on the coach.

The service, which can be purchased at, costs $29.95 for a year’s subscription.

Coach Alba is currently expanding its content to include lifestyle assistance for those with high blood pressure, stress, and much more. As Han said, “we really are trying to build a community to help as many people as possible, so I just encourage folks to give it a try.”

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