Rachelle Lefevre, currently a female lead in “Off the Map,” has been cast as the female lead in the NBC pilot “The Crossing.” This likely indicates that “Off the Map” will be canceled, though we’ve been predicting that here at Blast.

“The Crossing” is set in a Missouri town during the post-Civil War Reconstruction era. It centers on Jason, a soldier who settles into the town and revered by its townsfolk. Lafevre will play Anna, a war widow who watched helplessly as Union soldiers burned her husband and two little boys alive in their barn. Now living with her five-year-old daughter, Anna is smitten with Jason at first sight  and embarks on a torrid affair with the troubled outsider.



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  1. Adriana

    Well, if you watched the show you would see that her character is really sick and might die. Maybe that’s what is going on? She knew her character would be killed off eventually and already set her eyes on a new project. Just a thought?

    • Jay

      Have to agree here. If anything, it’s her character dying that would have her off. Fingered cross that’s the case because I really do like this show.


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