Do you see a jungle of fabric, pant legs, sweaters falling off their hangers, and single shoes whose partners have long gone when you look inside your closet? If your clothes, shoes, and accessories have long ago usurped control of your home storage, it might be time for a change.

Closet clutter makes your house look smaller and hides much of your wardrobe from you. In fact, getting rid of some of this excess clothing could even bring you some instant cash.

Carolyn Schneider, author of “The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store Guide” (Fifth edition) and notable creator of says, “finding clothes in your closet is like finding extra money in your wallet…it is very easy to clean out your closets and make extra money for clothing that you will never wear again.”

If you are tired of a full closet and an empty wallet, use these tips from Ms. Schneider to clear out some space and find some instant cash:

Know What Sells

When it comes to getting top dollar for your clothing, knowing what sells is a key factor. As you might suspect, designer clothing, handbags, and shoes are always in demand. If you have any items from Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, or Prada, you can sell them and replenish your dwindling bank account.

Consign Your Clothing

Consignment shops offer a quick and easy way to sell your clothing. When you consign clothes, the shop actually sells them for you and you split the profits. If you choose this option, however, make sure to read your consignment contract carefully so you understand the amount of the split and the consignment term.

Donate to Thrift Stores

If you do not think you will get a good price for certain items in your closet, you can always donate them to local thrift stores. Ask for a receipt after you donate your clothing so you can deduct the donation from your taxes.

Reconstruct Your Clothes

If there are pieces with which you cannot part, you can find ways to breathe new life into them. Browse through thrift and vintage stores to find new fabric and accessories that you can use to redesign your current clothes and transform them into something new. Websites like can actually help you reconstruct your clothes.

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