Are you ready for the world’s first strategy racing game? Set to launch in mid-November, Chase Race gives players all over the world a chance to race against each other while playing in real time. The game, which can be found at the App Store for iPads, will eventually be available for all other mobile platforms in 2014.

Players get vouchers for high scores, which allow them to buy actual products in the Webshop. The company also plans to give some of the money they make in advertising revenue back to the players that help them win prizes and iTunes Gift Cards.

Unlike other racing games, Chase Race requires actual skill to operate the vehicles.  As players increase their skills in strategy and speed, they can reach new levels of racing experiences. Players must graduate to new levels to score top points in the game.

Each year, Chase Race will sponsor a World Championship and elect a player and a Team Sponsor as World Champions. The first champions will be announced in 2014 after earning the highest win percentage in 52 heats. The teams with the highest win percentage among its players will earn the title of Team Sponsor World Champion.  Players who make it into the Hall of Fame can follow developments in the rankings and World Masters have the chance to win cash prizes. has already started a counter that lists the total cash prize for the first World Championship. The prize total can reach up to a cap of $134,900, but it is up to the players to get the total as high as they can.

Players will get racing licenses and then have the opportunity to drive in many different types of races. Racers begin as novices, move up to rookies, then trainee, driver, ProDrive, and finally, Chase Racer. Only Chase Racers can participate in the World Championship.

Players build their own tracks as they play, which means you will never race on the same track twice. You can even stop at a pit to change the cars tires, get more fuel, and fix the engine.

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