Ford is currently working on something new that may improve safety for future vehicles. Auto companies are always trying to advance safety features in their vehicles, and it seems like there is always a new lane departure warning, airbag sensor, or a parking assist tool that will keep us safe in our car. Ford is trying something different.

The longstanding auto manufacturer is developing a brake light that warns vehicles behind you about upcoming traffic. There is a wireless transmitter that beams a signal to vehicles behind you, and a warning light is then displayed on the dashboard. This feature will be useful when the weather is stormy or when you are driving on curvy roads because you cant see what is ahead of you.

Ford doesn’t know when they plan on going forward with installing something like this in their cars, but it is a step forward in wireless communication between automobiles. Is this a good safety feature, or just another distraction for drivers? Let us know what you think.

(Via PSFK and Gizmodo)

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