Thankfully, the Prius wasn’t built for speed.

The famed Toyota hybrid and the Lexus HS 250h are the latest in the Toyota line to be recalled, this time due to faulty brakes. Toyota Motor Corporation has been receiving complaints from owners who claim they need to apply more brake pressure than usual. This is because the brake pressure components are made of a weak material that could eventually crack due to vibration. This flaw allows nitrogen gas to leak into the brake fluid, which in turn reduces the effectiveness of the brakes.

Worldwide, Toyota says that this affects roughly 233,000 Prius cars built between March and October of 2009, and around 9,000 Lexus HS25h’s built between June and October of 2009.

What is Toyota planning to do about their latest recall? They will inspect the brake booster pump on the faulty cars and replace them at no cost if necessary. Around 87,000 Prius and HS 250h cars are affected in North America.

Toyota has been struggling over the past few years to fix its character of quality automobiles after a string of recalls that affected millions of vehicles. Toyota notably had three massive recalls between 2009-2011.

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