The pride of Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios, Hearts of Iron III is slated to receive its third expansion nearly three years after its initial launch.  Their Finest Hour is said to be the biggest expansion to date for this WWII, real-time strategy game.

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Their Finest Hour includes an expanded espionage system, a more comprehensive naval invasion system, new elite units for each army, and a generalized lend lease support system.  Also included are the new Russo-Finnish Winter War and Spanish Civil War battle scenarios.

Apart from all of these new features and promises of “deeper strategic control”, players will also be given access to two new game modes.  The first is battle plans mode where players are able to both load up actual historical battle plans, or draw up their own battle plans and share them with allies in real time during multiplayer matches.  The second currently unnamed custom game mode can be played in either single or multiplayer.  Although forcing players to start with a completely empty palette, it allows for instant access to the production units, technologic research, and political alignment before the actual game begins.  This mode will most likely appeal to those impatient players who want to forgo the build-up and just start shooting Nazis.

Although a specific release date has yet to be announced, WWII PC-gaming strategists should expect to get their hands on Their Finest Hour sometime before the end of the year.

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