I don’t know about you, but when I think of Australia I think about sexy accents, koalas and kangaroos, and toilets that flush in the opposite direction from toilets in the States. It never occurred to me to think about Australia’s beauty and toiletry products because I didn’t think they would be available to me in stores (I’m not too keen on trying new products by purchasing online from another country since shipping prices can be outrageous!).

It wasn’t until I was given the opportunity to try Eshu’s Cleansing Brick that I learned that some Aussie products are indeed available in stores right here in the U.S.! Last year, Eshu launched its products in over 210 Sephora and 30 Macy’s stores in 44 states.

Made entirely in Australia, Eshu was designed to be effortless, yet effective. All Eshu products contain the scent of Australian eucalyptus, citrus, and mint. This fresh scent refreshes the body without a lingering effect so that it will not interfere with any cologne.

The cleansing brick contains the following main ingredients:

  • Paperbark Oil – Used to gently cleanse the skin
  • Australian Tea Tree Oil – Used to act as a gentle antiseptic
  • Sweet Almond Oil – Used to help moisturize the skin

I must say I’ve never used soap on a rope, so I was quite excited to use the Eshu cleansing brick. This thing really is a brick! It is quite large, but thankfully not as heavy. If you have small hands like I do, you may have a difficult time holding onto the soap. My advice is to wrap the rope around your wrist so that if the soap does slip out of your hand you won’t drop it on the shower floor. The cleansing brick smells incredible because it smells au naturel as oppose to an artificial scent that is clearly masking harsh chemicals used to make the soap.

The cleansing brick feels thick and creamy (not the gross kind though) as if it were a drink for my skin. My skin feels very nourished and moisturized once I’m out of the shower which is amazing because so many soaps can leave your skin feeling dry.

I must admit, it had been years since I’ve used a bar of soap…I usually use body wash and a loofah. I did have a difficult time getting what I felt was a decent amount of suds, but again that could be attributed to me not being used to bar soap. I had my boyfriend try the soap multiple times (after all the soap is intended for men so I had to have him try it) and he loves it! He was able to get plenty of suds and he loves the smell of the soap and how it makes his skin feel.

Overall, I really enjoyed Eshu’s cleansing brick. It is a fantastic soap and it makes for a really awesome gift. I can only imagine based on this soap that the entire line of Eshu products will not disappoint. The cleansing brick retails for $14.00 – $14.50 and can be found online at,, and Macy’ I suggest contacting your local Sephora and/or Macy’s to see if they carry Eshu in store.

*FTC Disclaimer* This product was given to me, free, for review. I am not affiliated with this company nor am I receiving any compensation for my review. Everything posted here is my honest opinion.

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